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Monday, 25 June 2012

Its whats inside that matters

It’s what’s inside that matters 
Something’s going on inside of me; 
It’s like the opposite of what’s happening outside: 
Outside I’m dying a little everyday 
Inside I’m coming to life, changing, getting stronger 
Joy keeps bubbling up 
I keep getting more hopeful; 
Even though I know my body’s going to die 
I keep loving people more 
It’s the strangest thing: I’m dying on the outside but inside I’m coming to life 
Trouble and hardship can win the outer game pretty easily 
But there is a you in you that no one can touch 
That’s the one you must pay attention to, 
For that’s the game you can win 
Be grateful for the outer you 
Make peace with it 
Rejoice in its strengths 
Accept its limitations 
Let it work hard 
Be happy when it gets promoted, 
But remember, it’s wasting away 
The inner you on the other hand, is capable of a glory you can’t even imagine 
Make your biggest investment in the thing that will last 
I have mastered the inner game 

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